What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss In People Today?

January 16, 2019 by zitavass0

On average you can expect to lose between 50 and 100 hairs from your head each day and shouldn’t be something that you should be overly concerned about. However if you begin to notice even more than this being lost then you may need to see medical assistance to determine exactly what is causing you to loss your hair. Today there are a number of causes of hair loss and below we take a brief look at just what some of these are.

Cause 1 – Stress

Both mental and physical stress can cause you to lose hair and will generally happen around 2 or 3 months after the stressful period or event has begun. The reason that hair may be lost is that the hair follicles will enter the telogen phase much sooner than is normal. As a result you won’t actually begin to grow any new hair once the old hair has been shed. However once the problem of stress has been removed from your life you will find that this will stop and new hair will begin to grow in place of that lost once more.

Cause 2 – Medication

There are many types of medication that could be a contributing factor to you noticing that you are losing a lot more hair than is normal. However the problem may not arise immediately but could actually happen after you have been taking the medication for any length of time. If you don’t notice this problem then you should immediately seek medical assistance.

The kinds of medications, which could be one of the main causes of hair loss in a person, include the likes of anti acne ones such as Isotretinoin, medications for lowering lipid levels such as bezafibrate. Plus also medications used as inhibitors for blood pressure or heart failure or to regulate blood pressure could be the reason that hair loss has become more noticeable. These are just a few but a quick search online and you will find that there are plenty of other medications that could be a leading factor to hair loss.

Cause 3 – Skin Disorders

There are certain types of skin disorders such as psoriasis which could be the reason for losing more hair than is considered to be normal. But normally once treatment commences on the skin disorder then the hair will start to regrow.

Cause 4 – Testosterone

The male testosterone has been found to be an indirect cause of hair loss in men today. Rather than the body reacting because the levels of testosterone in the man’s body being too high hair loss occurs because the body has become more sensitive to the production of it. Normally the place where hair loss tends to be most visible on a guy where the cause of it is testosterone is on top and on the front of the head.

Cause 5 – Genetics

The chances of a person suffering hair loss are far greater if any of their relatives happen to be bald. A person can actually inherit it not only from their father’s side of the family but also their mothers.

Cause 6 – Age

As we grow older the risk of us losing hair is far greater. At the age of 35 around 40% of all men will notice that they have far less hair than they did have before. Then as a man grows older this figure increases and on average around 65% of all men over the age of 60 will lose more hair. But rather than them losing hair it tends to become much finer and thinner in appearance.

Cause 7 – Menopause

As women grow older and certainly when they reach the menopause they are again at risking of losing more hair than is normal. But as mentioned above rather than hair falling out what happens is it becomes much thinner ad finer. Around 50% of women over the age of 50 will find that their hair has become a great deal thinner.

Cause 8 – Iron Deficiency

If levels of iron within your body are depleted there is every possibility that you will suffer from hair loss. This again is one of the causes of hair loss that women are more likely to suffer from than men. However to rectify the problem taking an iron supplement can help with reversing the situation.

Cause 9 – Pregnancy and Child Birth

Although during the pregnancy there doesn’t seem to be much hair loss occurring, it is quite common for women to lose hair for a few months after the birth of their child. Generally with this particular cause the hair will begin to start to grow back of its own accord as hormone levels within the woman’s body start to return back to normal.

Above we have looked at the main causes of hair loss today, however there are plenty of others that need to be considered. Your hair loss could in fact be down to the kinds of products you are using which contain ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction in you. Also the way in which your hair is worn may cause hair loss especially in cases where the hair is being pulled too tight.

Only when you know exactly what has caused you to begin losing hair can you then look at ways of treating it. But before you try any treatments you see advertised online or in magazines or newspapers it is important that you seek medical advice first. This way the medical professional can take a look at what the underlying causes of hair loss in you are and treat them accordingly. Also it is important to remember that there is no quick fix solution to treating this condition and certainly anyone who says that they can offer you a miracle cure to your problem you shouldn’t believe what they have to say.

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