Skin Care Advice for Grooms!

January 20, 2019 by zitavass0

The days when the bride with exquisite jewelry and and alluring gown was the center of attention are pass now. Being a groom has its own charm and responsibilities to look good on the wedding day. Making sure you take good care of your skin before the wedding will grab the attention of your bride, and give your guests a run for their money.

Identify your skin type:

What skin care regime you should follow is directly proportional to the skin type you have. You must consult a dermatologist to know you skin type. Is it acne prone? Is it dry, oily or normal? Or is it a combination of oily and dry? Once you are aware of the skin type you possess, you can follow a specialized skin care regimen meticulously.

Daily skin care:

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the fundamentals of any skin care regime. Follow it twice a day, depending on your skin type:

Dry Skin:

Wash your face using a face wash for dry skin followed by toner with orange extracts. The goodness of orange reduces dryness. Use a good moisturizer meant for dry skin to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

Oily Skin:

Oily skin is prone to acne. Use skin care products rich in lemon, turmeric, neem, tulsi, mint and calamine to prevent acne. Use a good face wash that prevents oil accumulation. For your skin type, a tea-tree toner is ideal. Use aloe Vera gel instead a moisturizer. An astringent prevents secretion of oil by closing the pores of the skin. Use an astringent two or three times a week, and make sure it is alcohol-free.


Scrub your skin twice a week with a natural or fruit-based scrub, regardless of your skin type. You can also use multani mitti. Exfoliation removes the dirt and grime clogged in the skin pores, letting your skin breathe.

Skin Protection & Problem Prevention

Before stepping out of your house, always apply a sun block of SPF 15 or more. Make sure you wash your face thrice a day using cold water to keep your pores closed and the surface of your skin free of dirt and oil.

Healthy Lifestyle:

It is said, what you eat shows on your skin. So, eat healthy and look healthy. Have a balanced diet; do away with the buttery, fatty foods for a few days before your wedding. Include salads, sprouts and juices in your diet. Consume green tea instead of heavily caffeinated drinks, because green tea helps detoxify your body.

Sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day. After all no one wants to look wrinkly, tired with dark circles and puffy eyes on their wedding day.

Surprise your liver by having lots of water in lieu of alcohol. Have eight to ten glasses of water a day to get clear, radiant skin.

Why let your bride flood with compliments on your wedding day when you can give her a tough competition! Follow this regime for two or three weeks before your wedding day, and you will notice significant changes and look incredible for your wedding pictures.

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