Mental Imagery Is The Super Tip To Gain Muscle Mass!

January 26, 2019 by zitavass0


In any kind of sport mental imagery has to be used in order for the athlete to get the best out of their training, and eventually from that they will become successful. The athletes which get the fastest progress and eventually become the best in the world use mental imagery. Don’t believe me, look at Arnold Schwarzenegger his extensive use of mental imagery led him to become the best bodybuilder in the world, actor and eventually governor of the state of California. To gain muscle mass fast you have to use imagination because doing that extra rep or set will make you grow, you just have to imagine it.

How To Do It:

Let’s say you are doing dumbbell curls to make your biceps bigger, before doing your set you have to use mental imagery. Imagine your biceps as huge mountains with huge peaks, valleys and rivers flowing thorough it and with every single squeeze and rep those peaks, valleys and rivers grow bigger and bigger. You might think that using mental imagery is stupid, but without it your workouts will be empty. Without mental imagery you will not be able to progress each gym workout. Without mental imagery you will just be the average man or woman in the gym not progressing in terms of muscle growth, fat loss and so on.

P.S, below I will list what the mountains, valleys, peaks and rivers actually mean to me when I do any kind of bicep exercise.

Mountains: Represents the sheer rugged mass of my biceps.

Valleys: Represents the lean mass of my biceps and every single strand of the muscle fiber.

Peaks: Represents the massive peak of my biceps.

Rivers: Represents the veins on my biceps, they should be overflowing with blood and should be able to burst any minute.

Tom Platz Story:

Tom Platz is a man of his time, he was known to have massive legs due to his high intensity training and imagination which he used during training. For example, Tom used to wear high socks to trick his mind into thinking that his legs are shorter than they were. He also visualized his body as a piston, it should be straight and it should not clank and move around when he did squats. You see with his awesome mental imagery he was able to build the biggest legs in bodybuilding history. You too can also do the same, but you have to imagine it, don’t give up!

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