Male Enhancements – Do They Work?

January 26, 2019 by zitavass0

Let me tell you about my friend, Rick. Now Rick is the kind of guy that at first glance you would think is a walking sexual drive. Yes. Rick is a ladies man who know his way around women and knows how to treat them best. As a result, his sexual life is as healthy as can be.

Or so I thought at first. Just like with thousands of men who consider their sexual well-being as an important factor in their general health, Rick also turns to science in helping him stay on top of the game. He has told me about the various male enhancements products that he has tried and continuously using.

“What’s the shame in that, buddy?” he said the day he told me about his secret regarding his sexual prowess.

“While there is no known product out there that can help you get any woman that you want, there are however, male enhancements products that can greatly help you perform better in bed. And therefore please your woman better,” Rick said.

I asked him what male enhancements he had used and not only did he tell me about everything he had ever tried, he even showed me some products he was currently using.

“Hey, there are a lot, and I really a mean a lot, of male enhancements out there. The key is to find the ones you are comfortable to use and works best for you,” he said as he pulled out a bottle of pills from his gym bag.

He showed me a bottle of herbal pills he said helps improve his sexual drive. He claims that it is the most effective of all the male enhancements he ever used. Not only that, his pills also contain a number of herbs that are commonly used as ingredients for health supplements as well as energy drinks and boosters.

“You see here? Read the label and you’ll see ginseng, ginkgo biloba and other stuff you would normally find in your supplements. Now, isn’t that healthy or what?” Rick said.

I have to say that I was convinced on the effectiveness of his pills since some of the ingredients there I have also taken through various health supplements I have used before.

Rick also showed me a topical cream that he uses and constantly carries with him wherever he goes. “You’ll never know when you’ll need it,” he said. He claimed that the cream works faster since it is directly applied to the penis and that the ingredients are quickly absorbed by the muscle tissues.

“I always put some on just before I have sex. It helps my stuff stay hard longer,” he said.

He also told me about the other male enhancements he tried such as a penis enlarger pump and patches. He still have these at his home but he regularly sticks with the pills and cream.

Do male enhancements work? I sure bet they do just by hearing my friend talk about them. Plus I know how effective he is with the ladies so I was convinced of their effectiveness.

“Here, buddy. You can have this bottle of pills. Just give it a try and I’m telling you it will change your life,” Rick said as he handed me the bottle.

I thanked my friend and took the pills from him. “I sure will,” I told him.

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