Is The Use of Male Enhancement Supplements Shallow?

January 26, 2019 by zitavass0

Some men don’t care what’s beneath their pants, as it suits their needs and the needs of their partner. Other men feel that having some enhancement down their will increase their overall happiness. Does taking male enhancement mean that you’re a shallow person that measures the success of his life in sexual terms? No. For many reasons, this correlation between male enhancement and being shallow can be debunked.

First, the effect of male enhancement supplements usually isn’t increased promiscuity, but rather increased self-esteem. Some argue that a male’s size shouldn’t be associated with his self-esteem, but this is still the case for many people. For whatever reasons in our culture penis size is correlated with success. Men don’t choose this, but rather they are indoctrinated with this ideology while growing up. Self-esteem is important, and if male enhancement is all it takes for somebody to have a healthy level of self-esteem, then its well worth the cost.

Also, male enhancement can increase sexual satisfaction for a male as well as his partner. Intimacy is an important part of long term relationships, and when intimacy fizzles, the relationship can quickly go down hill. If a supplement is all it takes to save a struggling relationship, then again it is worth the cost. There is nothing shallow about wanting a stable relationship with somebody you love.

Finally, a major reason male enhancement supplements shouldn’t be seen as shallow is because they affect a part of the body that very few people see. You’re not going to be able to show up at work and show off your improvements to everybody. It’s more about you and your partner and less about popularity.

So unless you’re starring in an adult film anytime soon, male enhancement supplements won’t make you a shallow person but can help your self esteem and sexual satisfaction if it’s something important to you.

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