Brain Waves and Behavioral Change!

January 20, 2019 by zitavass0

1-Age and Dominant Brain waves:

Research has found that as we grow and as we age, our dominant brain waves change accordingly. Children from birth to four years old are dominated by Delta state, at a frequency below 4 Hz. For children between 4-7, they are in Theta state. Remember that these two states are the best for super learning and also for behavioral change. This may explain – among other factors- why children have higher accelerated learning abilities. This also may explain the relative ease to induce changes especially personality changes in children.

For age between seven to fourteen, the dominant state changes to Alpha. As we pass through adulthood and mature in age, our dominant state becomes Beta, at a speed range of 14-21 Hz. Although not much research explains the reason behind the changes in dominant states with age, it is interesting to note that some people do not seem to be influenced by age factor. Some people seem to be in a constant state of Alpha or even Theta in spite of their older age. In my opinion, the reason lies in the environment. If you travel to some remote places where there is no sense of time, where there is no form of current civilization as we experience it, where there is not even electricity, you would notice clearly that people living under these circumstances are definitely not in Beta. More likely, they are in Alpha. This phenomenon, like right brain changes with age, which I have talked about in other audio files, is the result of our environment, like our education system, our life styles… etc.

2-Our Communications Through Brain waves:

Have you ever wondered why for some un obvious reason you feel uncomfortable with the presence of one person? Have you noticed that sometimes simply the presence of one person can make you feel happier and you don’t know why?

Positive thoughts, ideas and emotions all have positive energy, and this energy can be communicated, or felt around. This is in a way same as the concept of brain entrainment, which we talked about before. When a fork is struck in a certain way, it will produce a sound and vibration of a special frequency. If you hold another fork next to the first, this second fork will match the same frequency and thus produce the same sound and vibration. This is how energy moves and communicates. This is also how our brains receive energy and respond to this received energy. This means that some forms of energy can entrain each other. We humans communicate by ways of language, body movements, and gestures. This is the normal and usual way of communication. However, research has discovered that we also communicate at the unconscious level. Electromagnetic signals or waves produced by your brain at any point of time can be received by the person next to you. This may explain why happy persons are usually fun to be around. We often hear the word “sense” like you sense the good feeling of something, or you sense the positive or negative vibes of someone. Brain entrainment, if you remember, is about matching the stimulus. The stimulus can be a subtle energy emitting from the person around you. The brain in this case can play the role of antenna or receiver of surrounding electromagnetic stimuli, whether these are produced by CDs or by people. Of course, the degree of people’s influence as a stimulus can not be as strong as entrainment CDs, unless you are exposed to them and also vulnerable to their frequencies for a long time.

3- Brain waves and Behavioral Change:

We can change some behavior by changing a certain brain wave state. Normally, the slower the brain waves of your brain, the faster you can learn new things and even acquire new behavior. As we know now, learning is deeper and faster during Theta state. We can compare the number of times, that is the number of repetitions needed to learn a new behavior during each state. For example, to absorb new information, meaning to learn a set of new information, you need to repeat this process 21 times if you were in Alpha while you need it only one time if you were in Theta. The same concept applies if you want to learn a new habit or a new behavior. Another example: Let’s say that you want to learn to walk with confidence. This is a new behavior for you. In Alpha state, you need to practice this new behavior for 21 times in order to get it. If you were in Theta state, you need to practice it only once, and then you would get it.

Let us look at number of repetitions for each state. For Beta, the higher speed state, you would need thousands of repetitions to acquire a new learning. In Alpha, it is usually 21 times. In Theta, only one time. Delta is same as Theta but even more profound changes, meaning it is likely that these changes become stronger inside you than in Theta. For example, healing starts at Theta but matures at Delta, especially for serious diseases like cancer.

You probably have heard the concept of 21 days for a desired change, and here I want to explain it, very briefly, from a brain wave point of view. Many life coaches say that if you want to change a behavior or acquire a new habit, you need to repeat the relevant exercise once every day for the next 21 days. This is true for repetitions needed during Alpha. This exercise would be useful for you if you do it only in Alpha, which means if you do the same exercise during Beta, you wouldn’t get the desired change in 21 times, but rather you would need as many as a thousand times. This also explains why under trance, light or deep hypnosis is very effective to get a new behavior, because under trance, you would need only to visualize one time to get the result. This also means that if your dominant state is Beta, you would not get maximum benefits of many effective tools and techniques, unless these techniques enable you to slow down to a different state. Remember that most adults nowadays are in constant Beta state, at least during day time.

4- Conclusions:

We enjoy the massive benefits of the new technology that we are witnessing every day. Our life styles are enhanced by computers, smart phones, electricity, internet, TVs… etc to the point that we may not be able to function properly – whether in business or personal life – without them. In spite of the influence of new technology on our brains, turning them into mainly left-brain and unnecessarily faster, we still can reach the desired balance in our brains. There is new technology called brain entrainment that can make the brain beneficially slower. There are free techniques such as hypnosis, visualization and meditation that you can practice whenever you want to. There is also our gift from God: nature. Nature can heal and also balance your brain waves and brain utilization. Another very important positive influence is the power of positive emotions. Feelings like love or peace can activate the blessings of Gamma state. With slower brain waves that you can get from all these resources, your creativity level will increase. You reach new higher consciousness level with these tools, something that may give you another experience of life.

Our brain waves communicate with other brain waves and influence them, all at the unconscious level. We may “sense” this effect on us, but we may not know what it is. This is why we need to avoid negativity, negative people and negative energy. Negative thoughts have different brain waves that may affect us negatively. As our brains can transmit or emit brain waves, it also can receive, like an antenna, other brain waves. The key to healthy brain waves is to stay positive and be with positive people and positive environment. Brain waves as a form of energy needs positive stimulus to stay positive. As your body needs healthy food to stay healthy, your brain waves also need healthy energy. As you avoid toxins and harmful food to your body, you also need to stay away from harmful lifestyles of high speed brain frequency. Feed your brain waves with slower energy, which is like food to your body, and your brain waves will function properly and happily.

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